Aquatic Warbler
scientific name: 
Acrocephalus paludicola
EURING code: 

Combination of c-rings :
* 2 c-rings (on left tarsus) and 1 c-rings below or above the metal ring (on right tarsus).

note 1 : used colours are : dark-green, black, red, white, yellow (on left tarsus).

note 2 : the c-ring (on right tarsus) is dark-green and the marker of the project.

note 3 : project started in 2015.

note 4 :

email sighting submit: 
email sighting submit (2): 
snailmail sighting submit: 
Ricardas Patapavicius, Lithuanian Bird Ringing Centre, Zoological Museum, Laisves aleja 106, LT-44253, Kaunas, Lithuania.
snailmail sighting submit (3): 
Vytautas Eigirdas, Ornithological Station, Ventes Ragas, Kintu p., LT-99361, Silutes r., Lithuania.
colour-ring type: 
Legrings : combination of uncoded.
countries where ringed: